The Art of Teaching


Jim Kellerman is available for private or small group teaching of saxophone, flute, clarinet or piano. He has been teaching private lessons for 28 years and currently is unable to take any students due to traveling considerations.

Jim's teaching style has been described as supportive yet solid. His philosophy is to creat  genuine excitement for playing your instrument! With that excitement present, practicing ceases to be a chore and becomes what it is meant to be - FUN. Experienced teaching all ages, Jim especially enjoys working with adults that wish to come back to playing an instrument. Dust off that case in the attic! 

Jim is also available for consulting businesses and schools on creativity, using the arts and recent developments in the synthesis between science and spirituality. Whether performing, teaching or facilitating a group, he seeks not only to express himself, but to draw out the gifts of others.

"?it has been great. Not only is Jim a patient and understanding educator, but he instills a sense of excitement and genuine love of music. My son not only is a better player, but is becoming a true musician as well."

Hillmar, Father of a student

"All facets of my playing are explored, analyzed and given the opportunity to improve. From technique to the ?feeling,? the heart and soul of music, all is covered and worked on. The lessons are fun and still vastly rewarding. My experience with Jim has been invaluable."

Dan Perszyk, age 16, Flute Student

"Jim has gently, patiently and skillfully instilled John?s present appreciation of music. He has provided John challenges in a consistently supportive atmosphere, resulting in progress and confidence to perform. Jim?s flexible and individualized approach to teaching and his passion for music is what attracted us to him. Our son has certainly benefited greatly from his experience."

Laura, Mother of a student

"Through my experiences with Mr. Kellerman as my flute teacher, I have learned many new ways to improve my skills as a flutist. He has taught me, and continues to teach me, skills and techniques that I will use for the rest of my life while I play flute."

Kelly Lone, age 13, flute student

"At 23, nine years after having taken my last flute lesson, I decided to take it up again. Because I work, I don?t have a lot of spare time. Jim is very flexible and always has my best interest in mind. He has been a great source of encouragement in keeping me focused and in developing my skills. Over the last year I have seen my skills and confidence dramatically increase. I enjoy playing now more than ever!"

Brenda, Adult flute student



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